To My Fellow Infertility Wives…

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To My Fellow Infertility Wives

Whew girl!  Am I right?  It is not for the faint of heart.  Because this journey through infertility isn’t easy.  It’s overwhelming.  It’s scary.  It’s stressful!  Goodness it’s stressful with all of the charting and the planning for “intimate” time that isn’t so…well, intimate anymore.  Because it’s gotten more mechanical, am I right?  It’s turned into business, not pleasure?  And sometimes, doesn’t this journey just feel lonely? Because while your husband is by your side, his mind seems elsewhere?  It’s as if he is sometimes sleeping through your crisis?  Because he isn’t talking about it and whenever you do, he isn’t engaging in full conversation.  And him having an ugly cry and hiding underneath the covers because of another negative pregnancy test?  Rare.  Or his emotions?  They are nothing like yours.  And so you can’t help but think, “Doesn’t he know how serious this is?”   

And those doctor’s…

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